Taiwan Trademark Registration
Taiwan Patent established in 1993 has grown to be one of the leading law firms in Taiwan. We are founded with broad professional bases in patents, trademarks and other intellectual property. Since the development of the computer technology, we have been focusing our attention on EC patents and software patents. Our services range from all category of patent and trademark application, to any kind of prosecution world wide.     
The commitment to our client is also a commitment to us. We improve all aspects of intellectual property procedures and knowledge to meet our client's need and the change of the world. We provide not only practical advises but also technical assistance for our clients to achieve heir goals. We look forward to serve our clients to make the highest profit with the lowest cost possible
Required Documents
• Full details of the applicant ( name, address, nationality), if the applicant is a corporation, the legal representative's name is also required .
• One clear print for black/white or six prints of color trademarks .
• A list of the wares and service in association with which you intent to register the mark in Taiwan;
• One set of power of attorney (POA) form which is duly signed by the applicant
• If convention priority is claimed, a certified copy of priority documents (if applicable).
Time Scale
Generally, 6-10 moonths of the opposition period). Then another 2 months to issue the registration certificate. So nths to get to the first review, then another 6-10 to go through the publication period (the waiting plus the 3 ma total of 14-22 months.
Period of Protection
For 10 years.