•    FAQ of China trademark registration
    What information and documents are required for filing an application?
    1.A copy of the Individual Person identification
    Signature by the Individual   Person(Trademark Registration by Individual Person)
    2. Copies of the business license with company seal
    3. A copy of the trademark pictures. (JPG), The trademark class
    4. Detailed Individual Person name and Individual Person address in Chinese and English
    1.The name of the applicant must be in accordance with the name in the ducuments
    2.The basic fee of each class including 1-10 similarly goods or service item. ( over 10 goods or service item, each adds 100yuan). To protect trademark normally need register related classes.
    How long does it take to register a trademark in China ?
    Get the formally acceptation receipt by Government after 1 month.
    Get registration certificate from Government after 12-18 months.
    How long will my rights be protected for?
    The available period is ten years.
    What’s the Procedure of Trademark Registration
    1. Check the trademark if already been registered by others or not [ 1 working days
    2. Prepare documents and submit the application
    3. Formality check
    4. Notice of first approval
    5. Substantive examination
    6. Formality approve and publish the trademark
    7. Approve the whole registration
    8. Obtain the approval certificate