Madrid Trademark Registration
Madrid Protocol System:
The Madrid Protocol is the primary system used for registering a trademark in multiple jurisdiction worldwide, and offers a way to legally protect a trademark in some seventy countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, via a single application. For an international company, this option is more cost effective, and less time consuming than the application to individual countries.
In order to register a trademark under the Madrid Protocol, it is first necessary to register it in one of the member jurisdictions. Once this basic registration of the trademark is achieved, an application is made to extend the basic registration to any number of the members of the protocol.
Although an application under the Madrid Protocol is more expensive, such protection should be considered if you are planning to reach a global market with your products or services, or if you plan to operate an international website.
The main advantages of registering an international trademark using the Madrid Protocol are as follows: the Madrid Protocol allows a trademark owner to obtain trademark protection in all of the member states
1only one application need be submitted
2the application cost is considerably less than individual applications to each jurisdiction
3renewal of trademark registration can also be effected with a single application and fee
4any changes with respect to change of name, address, or ownership can easily be achieved via a single application
5the basic registration can easily be extended to new signatories to the protocol
Required documents
1Fill in the application form and seal with company chop
2Fill in the English application form and seal with company chop
3Applicant identity proof 2 set
   If applicant is corporate please submit Company registration certificate and business license
   If applicant is individual please submit ID card or passport copy,Please also prepare  existing trademark certificate or confirmation letter proof for trademark registration
42 set trademark sample, if the logo is colored please send a colored copy.
5Please also prepare an agency agreement to assign us as your trademark registration agent.
Registration Time

Applicant should receive their International trademark registration certificate within 6 months from WIPO, it includes certificate number and registration date. This certificate is just a formal proof for receiving the applicant registration application and the document provided met the requirements, and the application had already been sent to specific for further registration procedure. The approval of the trademark will