Marshall Company Registration
The Marshall Islands are situated in the Central Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Hawaii. Languages spoken are Marshallese and English, and the currency is the US Dollar. Non-native residents who set up a Marshall Islands Company will be lawfully exempt from all taxes.
· No tax shall be declarable and payable by Marshall Islands IBC
· It's not required to disclose information concerning shareholders and directors
· Company can issue bearer shares
· It's not required to submit annual returns, accounts or financial statements
· No exchange controls, and easy to pool capital
· There is a stable political, economic and trading environment
General Requirements
· There shall be at least one shareholder and director
· Local registered address of company
Standard Authorized Capital
· 500 no par value shares
Required Information and Time for Incorporation
· English name of company
· Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
· Registration of company (requires 14 days or so)
· Purchasing a Shelf Company (requires 4 days or so)