Panama Company Registration
Incorporation services, form your company in Panama. We provide incorporation services through our local Attorneys. Whether you are foreigner or national resident, we will process your request entity´s application with all pertinent government authorities and we will perform all the necessary tasks in order to obtain your certificate of incorporation or certificate of organization, as the case may be. We provide Domiciliation Services and/or Registered Agent Services in case you don’t have a local address in Panama.

Company Formation Advantages in PANAMA.
PANAMA is an offshore jurisdiction that has the following advantages:
· Non Resident Companies are exempt from all taxes and stamp duties. There is no taxation on any kind of income, capital gains, or other taxes.
· The standard currency of share capital is the United States Dollar (USD). However, any currency is permitted.
· The minimum share capital required is USD $1.
· No local directors or managers are required.
· Directors meeting may be held anywhere.
· The names of the Directors are filed with the Registrar, and are available to public.
· The names of the Shareholders are not filed with the Registrar and are not available to public.

Company Formation Requirements in PANAMA
In order to incorporate, you need to:
1. Send us company information (company name, company type, shareholder’s / member’s information, etc.) We will provide you with the form.
2. Have an address in PANAMA. If you don’t have one, we can provide this for you (Domiciliation Service).
3. Have at least 2 shareholders or members.
4. Have a Directors’ Board with at least 3 members for "Sociedades Anónimas".
5. Have a company capital of at least USD $2000 and a maximum of USD $500000 for "Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada".
6. Have a company secretary.
Incorporation Process in PANAMA
Incorporation Description:
· Name availability check.
· Preparation of memorandum and articles of association.
· Preparation of power of attorney.
·Preparation of registration forms.
· Filing with the Registrar of Companies.
· Payment of the filling fees (government fees).
· Certificate of incorporation.
· Share certificates.
· Registered Agent
· Procurement of tax identification number (RUC).
· Certificate of incorporation send by courier. (The cost of sending the Certificate of Incorporation is not included in the total price. The cost will depend of the country to which it is sent the Certificate).
Power of Attorney will be required. The client will receive the Power of Attorney with the specifications and return address on it. Please note that the client should complete and legalize the Power and send it back to the lawyer in charge.

Process Duration:
Once the Attorney has received the Power of Attorney and the Incorporation Service Form, the new company will be incorporated in a period of time within 3 and 4 working days.