America Patent Application
Send us the details of your invention, we will review it with absolute confidentiality (if required we will send you a NDA), and let you know if it is ready for patent or modifications need to be done. After revision we will send you a quotation for entire process, that is, preparing and filing your patent, and doing all necessary tasks in order to obtain the patent registration certificate from Patent Office.
1.US Utility Patent Application Requirements
1.Name and address of the applicant. If it is a Company, place of incorporation.
2.Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor(s).
3.Invention Title, Abstract of the Invention or Design.
4.Invention specifications / description.
6.Formal Drawings.
7.English translation of the specification is required.
8.Declaration / Oath of Inventors which does not need to be notarized.
9.Certified priority document, including priority number and country of origin, accompanied by an English translation (The priority could be claimed if the foreign patent application was filed within 12 months).
2.Patents in United States
Utility Patent is effective for a term of: 20 years (from the filing date)
The Design patent is effective for a term of: 14 years (from the date of issue)
Approximate Patent Application processing time: 1 to 2 years.
Member of the Paris Convention: Yes
Member of the PCT: Yes
US Patent Office: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
3. Application Process
1.Patent Filing
2.First Office Action (it describes what is not right with the invention application). Between 6 to 24 months from filing date.
3.Response to Office Action, (Amendments, in general within 3 months). Approximately within 6 months the patent office will give you an indication of your amendment.
4.Publication: 18 months from the filing date the patent application will be published on USPTO website.
5.Acceptance (Notice of Allowance) or rejection.
6.Payment of the Issue Fees.