Hong Kong Patent application
Send us the details of your invention, we will review it with absolute confidentiality (if required we will send you a NDA), and let you know if it is ready for patent or modifications need to be done. After revision we will send you a quotation for entire process, that is, preparing and filing your patent, and doing all necessary tasks in order to obtain the patent registration certificate from Patent Office
There are two types of patent in the HKSAR
1.Standard Patent
2.Short-term Patent
Protection under Standard Patents is renewable annually for a maximum term of 20 years.
Protection under Short-term Patents is renewable after 4 years from filing, for a maximum term of 8 years.
Applying for a Standard Patent (20 years):
The grant of a standard patent in Hong Kong is based on the registration of a patent granted by one of three patent offices, called "Designated Patent Office"
1.The State Intellectual Property Office, People's Republic of China (SIPO)
2.The European Patent Office (EPO), in respect of a patent designating the United Kingdom.
3.The United Kingdom Patent Office (UKPTO).
A standard patent application in Hong Kong, China is made in two stages by filing
(1) A request to record the designated patent application, that is the Chinese, European Patent (UK designated) or UK published patent application. Within 6 months after the date of publication of corresponding application in a designated patent office.
(2) A request for registration and grant in Hong Kong, China of the Chinese, European Patent (UK designated) or UK granted patent. Within 6 months after the date of grant of the designated patent by the designated patent office or publication of the request to record in HK, whichever is later.
Applying for a Short-term Patent (8 years):
The grant of a Short-term patent in Hong Kong is based on a Search Report from an International Searching Authority from one of the three designated patent offices.

A Short-term patent application in Hong Kong is made by filing a request for grant supported by the documents and information listed in subsequent paragraphs below.
1.Invention Title in English and Chinese
2.Applicant name and address
3.Inventor name and address
4.Technical  Specifications
5.Abstract of the Invention in both English and Chinese
6.Search report
7.Statement on Patents Form (P6A), if applicant is not the inventor.
8.Statement of priority and priority documents
9.If non-prejudicial disclosure is claimed, a statement and written evidence to support the claim.
10.An address for service in Hong Kong
11.English and Chinese translations of information and documents as required.
Approximate Patent Application processing time: 1 years.
Member of the Paris Convention: Yes
Member of the PCT: Yes
Design Protection Time: 25 years