Singapore Patent Requirements
In order for applying and filing for a patent in Singapore you need to provide the Patent Information and send us the Inventor's declaration if required.
1.-Singapore Patent Application Requirements
1.    Name and address of the applicant. If it is a Company, place of incorporation.
2.    Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor(s).
3.    Invention Title, Abstract of the Invention or Design.
4.    Invention specifications / description.
5.    Claims.
6.    Formal Drawings.
7.    English translation of the specification is required.
8.    Inventor's Declaration which does not need to be notarized.
9.    Certified priority document, including priority number and country of origin,
10. Simple Power of Attorney
2.- Power of Attorney
3.-Patents in Singapore
A Singapore Patent is effective for a term of: 20 years (from the filing date)
The Design patents are effective for a term of: 20 years
Approximate Patent Application processing time: 3 years.
Member of the Paris Convention: Yes
Member of the PCT: Yes
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
4.- Application Process
1.    Patent Filing
2.    Publication: 18 months from the filing date or first priority date.
3.    Examination: Requested at any time within three years from the date of filing.
4.    Acceptance (Notice of Allowance) or rejection.
5.    Payment of the Issue Fees.
6.    The patentee shall pay an annual fee beginning with the year in which the patent right was granted.