Germany Patent Requirements
In order to apply and file for a patent in Germany you need to provide 1. Patent Information, and the 2. Designation of Inventor Document if required.
1.- German Patent Requirements
1.    Name and address of the applicant. If it is a Company, place of incorporation.
2.    Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor(s).
3.    Invention Title, Abstract of the Invention (not for Utility Models).
4.    Invention, Utility Model or Design specifications / description.
5.    Claims.
6.    Formal Drawings.
7.    Copy of previous application
8.    A German Translation of the specifications is required to be filed within 3 months.
9.    Designation of Inventor (in case the applicant is not the inventor).
10. Certified priority document, including priority number and country of origin, within 16 months of the priority date. (The priority could be claimed if the foreign patent application was filed within 12 months).
11. Power of Attorney
2.- Power of Attorney
3. Patents in Germany
Concession of the Patent Grant: 20 years (from the filing date)
Concession of the German Utility Model: 10 years
Concession of the German Design: 20 years.
Member of the Paris Convention: Yes
Member of the PCT: Yes
German Patent Office
4.- Application Process
1.    Patent Filing
2.    Search Report
3.    Request Examination
4.    Publication
5.    Acceptance or rejection